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Quick Transmigration: i want to go back home (快速轮回:我想回家)

[My own story] [inspired by those Chinese novels that i have read] ——————————- “I’m bound to you?” [yes, you are host] “No.” [okay then] “Is that it? You won’t beg me?” [No. What kind of novels have you been reading? Besides the higher ups can give me a new host] “Oh. Then return me to my own body” [No can do host. You died already, you also didn’t accept this missions so i got no choice but to kill you] “Kill me!?” [yes! Good bye ho-] “no! Okay! I accept the missions! I jus want to go home” The system smiled and replied [well, let’s have a nice trip host] —————————— the art is from : ziseviolet.tumblr.com

opshutit · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings