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Pyrophilia -§- A Love Story of Fire

Pyrophilia -§- A Love Story of Fire

Pyrophilia, the intense love for fire, exhibited in very few people, and a lust for that which shall turn into ashes. Arson, the crime of setting something on fire, done often to escape debt, and a lust longed for by pyrophiliacs. Conflagration, a fire which destroys the most, happening not too often, and what pyrophiliacs could only dream of ever achieving. A trinity of fire, blazes, and inferno. I am Alexandre Ardere, a name I made for myself, and I give you my memoir, letter, and autobiography to the uncaring world. -§- Obviously a work in progress, and my first non-completely-a-joke story. And I owe the idea to sharing kinks in a group chat.

kristensinz · Magical Realism
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