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Undying Phantasia

In the lands above and below. There lay many worlds; many unknown and many known. A soul on Earth has a mission to accomplish within the vast worlds. But first, he has to stabilize his planet from dangers by tempering himself in another world with with 12 other individuals and saving that planet in the process but, it won't be easy. Follow this soul and his companions through the challenges and accomplishing their missions, while, they create a legend reaching far above the worlds. However, our protagonist, not only will just do missions..he will do a lot more... just like his companions, they have dreams to accomplish. So come wanderer.Towards the path of Glory, Greatness and Fantasy.This is the legend of a person changing the world as he set is foot in history for an eternity. I am a newbie and some aids of how the story could be improved could be helpful if I am wrong in something. This is in other websites such as Royal road Wattpad and Scribble Hub. Originally mine. The picture is not mine.

LordMaximus · Fantasy