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Kein La Vie's parents was killed by a masked man with a scorpio tattoo whose code name is MADDOHATTA. Witnessing the cold bloody night had turn him into a Psychopath then he seeks for revenge and killing became his job. As they went on a Massacre deal with his partner in crime Dric La Mort , Kein noticed a girl with a Scorpio tattoo in the neck. They were ordered to kill everyone inside that mansion but he spared the girl's life. He digged everything about her, played her, manipulated her and later on turned her into a Psychopath. Little did he know that his enemies were closer than he thought. Kein Continued to play his little games until he discovered the truth about his parent's death. "NO MERCY FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN'T PAY"

NRC ยท Martial Arts
Not enough ratings