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Frame Of Mind

Frame Of Mind

I'm currently waiting for the contract to get verified as I have some problems regarding it. I'll soon start updating as soon as I get contacted. Don't worry I'll update chapters once a week for your convenience. Please do cooperate with me thanks :) ------- 'What do you think? Am I a psychopath, Sarah?' He asked in a gravelly voice. Gradually, the man tightened his grip on Sarah's throat with his right hand while the left was holding her right with all of his power, almost embedding it into the wall behind Sarah. Sarah was running out of breath and her eyes went teary when he yelled... **** Sarah is a rich girl who after being trapped in her own house for almost two years finally came out. But now all she wants is a normal life. She joins a company called The Ambition to start a new fresh life but there are certain people and things that are approaching her. Which can or may reveal some of the things about her past... The scene mentioned above is a part of a chapter that will come after a long time. Just mentioning so that readers don't get disappointed if they don't see it at the start. This Novel has more than two protagonists and each of them has their point of view. So, somewhere if you feel that you can't understand whose point of view is being presented feel free to comment on it so that I can improve it. I will work hard from my side too.

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