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Imprisioned Desire

A disguised secret tainted the world, while a revolution of killers had arised, but soon failed. Centuries later, a believer,, known as queen for the revolutioners, formed a family, which she planned to use for the revolution's cause. She became a grim mother that obsessed over torturing her children; she wanted to watch the world burn. Mathias, one of her sons, struggled the most through this tortures. Unconsciously he followed his mother steps, thinking it was love, he became a psychopath, but then it betrayed him. His fate then shows him that the revolution was always meant to happen. And so it begins. The rise of a king.

Exxcaliber_Guns · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings


Einver Cruz is the new assistant of Dra. September Sobejana, a professional Psychologist in McNamara Hospital. Kakaiba para sa kaniya ang unang pagkikita nilang dalawa pero mukhang wala lang iyon sa dalaga. She acted like he was just an ordinary man that can't make her take a second look.. but as for him, he also don't care. UNTIL suddenly.. DEATH welcomes them like a crazy psychopath. "I'm a Psychologist.. but I don't want to understand that emotions in the eyes of yours"

Ms_Yassy · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings