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Of Fools and Devils

My father is a psycho. When he had his first son, he said: "I don't think I can be a good father to him. I saw what happened to Baldimiere's kids when he kept them at home. they grow into self-concieted brats who always get in his way because they want the next Dukal seat, but they are all just as useless. Head guard, I am giving my son to you, go raise him as a foot soldier. when he comes of age, I'll call him back then to fight for the seat if he is worthy." He did this for his eight sons, one a soldier, one a fisherman, one a merchant, one a farmer, one a beggar, one a groom, one a clerc, one at home and then somehow I got stuck in this mess as the 9th, and as a criminal ta boot? You call this good parenting?!! And I'm a girl! *** warning: this is not a romance.

UglySparrow ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings