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Slate is a simple youngster living a simple life with his family in the mountainous region of Solaris. But this youth and his family are concealing an ancient secret handed down to a single chosen individual every century. Slate is the "Dragonbreed" - a human gifted with the exceptional power that can rival a dragon's. The dragon-slayer! After losing his parents and being left alone with his siblings and his polio-victim uncle, Slate decides to find his luck in the ranks of the Solarian military to provide for his family's needs. After rigorous training and an unexpected encounter with a horde of invading monsters, he starts to discover the true scope of his powers. He also begins to understand his true destiny. But the gift of the Dragonbreed is a double-edged sword. Will he learn to use his powers for the benefit of the world or will it consume him and turn him into a force to be feared by many?

Purple_Quill ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings