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Surga Kecil

Alexandrite, seorang gadis remaja, dijual oleh bibinya ke tempat prostitusi. Demi membayar utang bibinya, Alexa harus menjual dirinya pada para lelaki hidung belang. Namun satu bulan berlalu, Alexa tiba-tiba ditebus dan dibeli oleh seorang pengusaha muda, lalu dipekerjakan sebagai pelayan di kediamannya. “Kenapa Tuan menjadikan saya pelayan di tempat ini?” “Apa kau berharap lebih baik ada orang lain yang menggantikan posisimu sekarang? Lalu kau tetap ada di sana, di tempat pelacuran itu?” Alexa tampak bisa melihat masa depannya yang samar di tempat ini. Tapi apakah dia akan bisa bertahan menghadapi perlakuan dingin dari tuannya? Berapa tahun yang dia butuhkan untuk melunasi semua utangnya? ---- Cover by Kyp005

Mischaevous · Romansa Kontemporer


I hate them I hate them all I'll make them all pay. They'll burn in hell like the dogs they are... Alicia Black is a good girl in a bad situation with an alcoholic father and drug addict mother. Will she fight her demons or will they consume her...

jojogordam · Teen
Not enough ratings

The Mobster's Queen

He was a famous mobster, and she was an undocumented immigrant on the search for a change. They were a perfect match, or so she thought... ~~~ TW: This story will include mentions and potential scenes of: prostitution, sexual assault and even murder. If you're easily triggered by those things, read at your own risk.

Cinnamon4life · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

She Is Jude

"Aaron, didn't you know that curiosity killed the cat?" *** Aaron Miles decided that he had enough. He needed to make Jude Elaine talk to him. That's why, when Aaron Miles, a geeky, politician's child, had to make a plan for Jude Elaine fall in love with him, he decides to gather intel. He stalked her for one fateful night and realizes that Jude Elaine has her secrets and an alter ego. In the daytime, she's Jude Elaine, power athlete, and school beauty. In the nighttime, she's Jude Elaine- famous escort and top-grade hooker. When the past decides to intervene, and the future starts to get a tad bit problematic, will Aaron Miles be able to keep the secrets and dodge the bullets? Or will everything crash down with a swarm of dead bodies? With the influential people involved, the law disturbed, and relationships intertwined; will Aaron Miles get Jude Elaine out of this giant mess? ***

ntbrfu · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

She Is Judewkwkwkwwk

"You may buy my body with your money, but you can never— ever buy me!" *** When Aaron Miles, a rich, timid, politician's child falls in love- he falls in love hard. That is why, when he met Jude Elaine, he risked everything, his dignity, his pride, his family, his friends, and most importantly... himself. One day, while following Jude Elaine, he finds out that Jude Elaine is a shady little lady hanging out with shady characters. Another thing- he also found out Jude Elaine's little secret. Jude Elaine, the school beauty, the athlete, and the power figure is... a prostitute.

ntbrfu · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings