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Moving back from Alberta, Venice aspired for a normal life. A career in the public sector in Trokhetia Island, her birthplace. The country where her mother was buried as well. She was here for an interview with some seniors public officers in the capital. To her dismay, on the day of the interview she found herself trapped in a fake police complaint. She was accused of inducing bribe and physical assault on public officers. It was a friday afternoon. With the weekend looming, she could clearly see herself being locked up for two days before her lawyer could bail her on Monday. Also, if these allegations are proved to be correct, she would never be able to return back to canada for permanent residency purposes. Worst, she would not be able to get a white collar job here. At that fateful moment there was no one to help. Who could she summon at that time? As she glanced at the prime minister's portrait in the police station, Venice realised that someone with extraordinary powers like him, could help her. But how?

Moteegatesjob ยท Fantasy Romance
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