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The Priestess of Rodona

A world where the gods ruled human lives. The highest form of existence that was worshipped in all possible way. The more humans sing praises or offer prayers and the more these gods became supreme. In return, gods bless humans with protection, power, prosperity, and life. However, some gods were forgotten completely, causing their very existence to also vanish from the world. All their statues, city and temples were washed away by time, abandoned by their once loyal believers. The struggle to continue existing begin even for gods and wars between them started. Goal? To rule the world and all its living humans. So what can humans get when they followed a god that could win the war in the end? Immortality. Even kings or queen desired a never-ending life, allowing even the church to rule above them because of it. But this story is about a girl who received a holy command and started to travel and spread her own goddess name. A goddess that blesses death... If you want to join the discord server here is the link. https://discord.gg/zZnJu2J My ko-fi page ko-fi.com/the_cheshire-_cat

The_Cheshire_Cat · Fantasy Romance

Lost in Time; Unforgiven

*There is "gore, bloody, violent" content throughout the story that may bother or not be suitable for some readers. As well as some crude language.* (Once I write more of the story, I will have a better developed synopsis.) Also, this is not a romance-based novel, it is female lead but not focused on romance. There will be suspense, mystery, action, and fantasy elements mixed into the story, along with some flashback chapters that are noted with *before as well as after* The character is a female lead and the story mostly focuses on different parts of her life and those around her. This story takes place in modern/slightly futuristic times, but sort of alternate universe kind of idea, (sorry I'm bad at explaining) and most of the main characters will be between the age of 17 and 32. This is not a romance novel but there are some elements of relationships forming and what not, throughout the story. I do my best to update at least twice a week or every few days, (sorry in advance if I am a bit inconsistent). The main title of this novel is "Lost in Time," the first volume title is "Unforgiven," which makes "Lost in Time; Unforgiven." As I create new volumes, the names will change; Volume 2 will be titled "Battlefront." This is my first time posting a novel and I am nervous/excited and open to suggestions on things to add/take away in chapters. Please comment with your questions, suggestions, and/or anything else that comes to mind. I may ask occasional questions in the author note to readers. It would mean a lot to this newbie if you could review, add, rate, etc. I hope anyone reading will enjoy the story. Thank you and stay safe. :)

KayyRo · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Priestess

The Priestess of the Southern Empire fell asleep for a hundred years and when she roused from her deep slumber, so did the Demon King.

mspremier · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Holly Thompson and her best friend Dylan Lee find themselves living out a contrived yet loveable plot found in an isekai anime. Determined to not be a burden, she does what anyone would do... strikes out on her own. Now, with a snarky menu as her sidekick and a world a head of her, Hollirynn may find that she could live in this strange world after all... Feelings, adventures, and survival collide as Holly learns that life is messy and chaotic.

Gabriella_Gonzalez_0391 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Captive Harpist of Lutrea

Thyre's gift helps the trees grow in the sacred grove and soothes tortured minds. Chosen to be the next Völva for her people, Thyre has prepared herself to take up the staff and the bag of bones since childhood. On the night of her initiation, after she drinks from the chalice, she is kidnapped by a band of raiders from far across the sea. A warrior nobleman from the land of their enemies, a people who look and act entirely different from her own, has heard of her gift and seeks to use it for his own means. Soon Thyre must make a choice to stay among her captors or escape to return to her homeland.

Andromache88 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings