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WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE? Imagine finding yourself in the midst of not one or two, but three guys, who you have crush on. Too bad for Emma Eaton, she finds herself in just that predicament at the age of 17. But now in present she is 21 year old and is living happily with her boyfriend of 4 years . So she reminiscence her past and tells her favorite love story to the kids she babysits occasionally. Follow Emma's life as a 17 year tomboy, nerd, optimistic, passionate teenager, and her inactive love life that gets into a spiral but eventually finds a way to untangle in 30 days. The month full of ups and downs, heartbreaks, unrequited love, adventures, smiles, memories and pop culture references. ****** Excerpt: "I think I have a crush on Amelia." Adam blurted while my heart skipped a beat and something inside me crushed. "What?" I barely whispered. "Yeah, I like Amelia and I was wondering whether she likes me back or not?" He said this all while having a nervous look on his face. ***** "What do you want me to say Blake?" He enclosed the distance between us to mere inches and rasped, " I want you to say yes," "For what?" I asked a bit flustered. "To be my GIRLFRIEND!" ******* Chris turned again, invading my personal space this time and whispered ,"Although, I have to say, you are cute when you ramble. " Before I could retort back, he chuckled at my expression, whatever it was and settled himself at the vacant seat of the last row. ***** Throw a boy next door, a best friend, a bad boy and the most loved book Pride and Prejudice and there, we have our story. A complicated decision, that will make Emma, question her deepest desires and to fall for the right guy.

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