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Birth of the Primal Creator

A boy with a life filled with boring mundane tasks, who’s only source of happiness was the anime and novels he would read and his dreams of being able to become a handsome reincarnated, dies to the almighty drunk man and meets a goddess who gives him 6 wishes and a chance to live a new life and become the strongest Worlds as of what I want right now will be the ATG world and there will be more worlds (well technically one but you’ll see) I LOVE YANDERES JUST KNOW THAT BEFORE YOU ENTER (this story also has slight comedy) Hi guys sexy author here, I want you to know that I wrote this for FUN, if you want to give suggestions feel free but if your gonna hate you can take one up ya and piss of, this is written on a whim for my own enjoyment I have crap spelling and am horrendous at punctuation but my grammar should be ok as I am a native English speaker. This is a fanfic and I in no way own any of these characters, powers or worlds besides my own and I will also use things from other fanfics I like one of these being qingyues older brother I want my story to start and be in a similar fashion and you will see me do this in many parts of the story and if the authors don’t like it I will delete my story and if the readers think I’m just copying ( I’m not really just copying I’m using there’s as inspiration because I enjoy their stories) well sue me. Also wanna let you know for those who don’t like harem stories this one will be one and the max will be around I don’t know however many I want also the op title is going to be in the later parts VERY OP but it will take lil bit of time for him to get there I do not own the cover image I took at from Pinterest props to the creator don’t know who it is but if you want me to take it down let me know and I will ( also the mc looks as a reference similar to the cover but he is like 1,000 times better looking with his hair long and straight with blue streaks, also eyes are different but you see that in story) Milky thighs out Enjoy

MrfwuffymilkSan · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings