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The Onmyouji Incredible Journeyed (Dropped)

A man died without knowing how only to appear in a black room with three word floating before him. Reincarnation: Normal -> Special -> ****************************************************** I don't own any of the world, characters and power shown in this novel except for my MC

MacouilleETmoncul · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Naruto: The Super Intelligence

What would happen if you find yourself in a very familiar world, but you never thought it was more than a fantasy, in an ordinary family that doesn't have much money and nobody pays attention to it, a baby is born with the experience of the murderer of our world , from birth he was trained to be the most lethal killer, in this new world every time he is taught something related to the ninja world he learns it at once the only thing that fascinates him is the new concept of the energy of chackra and everything related to her. disclaimer: naruto is not my property, only the characters that I insert The cover is not mine, if you don't want me to use it, let me know.

Eliasdelacruzp · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings