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" When Did you First Fell in Love With Me ? " " Hmmm....Maybe when I saw you reading alone in the library , Away from the noises of the party yet so happy and contented..... Or maybe in your office, the very first time , I heard your beautiful voice talking to me..Or maybe , in the marriage Bureau , When I first kissed you. " - - - - - - - Zhang Min was betrayed and backstabbed by the only people she called as her friends. One was her fiancee while other was her step-sister. Trapped Under the Scheme of them, she lost her chasity and innocence. She rans to Abroad after coming to know about her fiance betrayal and her step-sister various schemes. She pledged to become strong and independent and fight head-on with them. Returning back , she was no more the cute , innocent girl but the Fashion Queen and Ice Princess. Li wei , was cold , ruthless and known as the CEO emperor in the business World. He was called a Devil by his business partners , Ruthless by his subordinate and Cold by his family. But only she could call him.....BABY!!! Afters years of Hidden Love and stalking ,Li wei managed to weave her deeper in the webs of his Love. But They didn't knew that there fate and lifes were always connected to each others from childhood.

rose108 · Contemporary Romance

Bullet Wound

"I like your moxie love" the boss man says while he walks over and put his what I soon find out to be chloroform cloth over my face as my vision slowly darkness.

Myah_Fayth · Teen
Not enough ratings