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The Great Warp

Laravel Delamore was on his way to school when an accident, the great warp that shook the entire world occurred. The great warp was a mysterious phenomenon that transpired during the year 2020 in which countless people went missing. The people who have gone missing along with Laravel were unknowingly sent to a pre-historic world wherein the dinosaurs that could only be seen in the movies were standing at the top of the food chain. Can humanity stand before a common goal or set aside each other as they fight among themselves to achieve their personal goals, Or perish together in this unknown land?

The_Last_Weaboo · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Into the Beast World

Alleli was a young lady from an above average family. Originally an aloof and intelligent girl who aims to be a doctor, her dreams were shattered after contracting a rare disease that made her bedridden for 9 years. After finally dying at the age 28, she suddenly opened her eyes at a new world different from what she knew. A world with a different worldview. A world with no technology. A world brimming with humans who can transform into animals. A world filled by a race called “beastman”. *** •The temporary cover is credited to Vahid Ahmadi’s original work which was modified a bit by the author. •This is an original work not a translation. •2-3 chapters/week are updated on average.

blisscity · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings