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Howl of Creation

Wandering through the boundless lands Where is home? Sitting alone under the night sky What is family? He had been running from mighty cultivators, but he didn’t fear death. He had been brawling against demonic beasts over food, yet he had no urge to survive. Although standing on the crowded road of the lively big city, the world seemed empty around him. Even when her tender lips touched his bare chest, his heart still felt heavy. He remembered the old farmer in the village, telling the children to accept their fate, and the young saint on the gory battlefield, commanding his fellow brothers to challenge their own. But what if he didn’t even have a fate? Standing on the snowy mountain summit, he reached out his bloody hand to the stormy sky. Roaring thunder shook the whole world. He felt suffocated by his own, seemingly worthless existence. A bitter smile appeared on his withered face, as he closed his eyes. From somewhere resounded a soft singing voice. Scream! when your heart feels heavy When the world seems empty, scream! Series: LATENT Book I: Howl of Creation by Powonyou https://www.patreon.com/powonyou

Powonyou · Fantasy
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