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"Indeed He was present at the beginning of my life's journey, but you were present at the end of my journey to the end of my life later." (Marey Megan) Dean Luther and Marey Megan Students from top University at Stanford who have been in a relationship as lovers for almost four years. One day before graduation, Dean and Marey spend a full day traveling around the city in the car that was gifted by rich Dean's rich dad. But it's unlucky when they both intend to go to the beach and pass through a steep hilly road, Dean's car skidded and couldn't be controlled anymore until he fell into a cliff. Marey Megan is in a coma and is paralyzed. Meanwhile, Dean Luther was reported to have died in a closed and secret funeral. And it ruined the life of a Marey who loved Dean so much. For three years Marey lived alone in a slump in a wheelchair and it was all because she loved Dean too much. But that love turned into a deep hatred when Marey heard from his friend Dean that Dean wasn't dead and he had returned. Marey's hatred for Dean Luther takes root again along with the longing she can't escape. And now Marey, sitting in a wheelchair, Marey works in an Expeditionary Office owned by her friend Sarah Cole. With her busy life as Sarah Cole's confidant, Marey tries to forget the shadows of her past by getting to know a man who is so kind and always caring for her. his name is Luis Fredrick, a new employee who works as a courier at her place. Will Marey be able to forgive Dean Luther with her suffering for the past three years ?? How did Marey react when he found out that Luis Fredrick was actually a Dean Luther who had facial operations because his face had been crushed during the accident? Will Marey's love come back? when knowing Dean Luther was sentenced to his life would not be long because of his blood cancer ?? Follow the sad story of Marey Megan and Dean Luther in the novel SHADOW LOVER ...

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