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In Love with the Dragon

There were assassination plots against the two most powerful men in the country. They were shapeshifters, the dragon and the werewolf, who were childhood friends but sworn enemies when adults... Spike Pendragon was the owner of Pendragon Group of Companies. The hitman had shot him at close range but failed. He was saved by Qila Arrow. He suspected his close rival, Due Seawolf, the head of the largest underground group. But Due Seawolf was almost killed, too. The executioner planned to impale him with a wakizashi, a short samurai sword. Qila Arrow shielded him from the assault. He deduced Spike Pendragon as the agitator of all the misfortunes happening in his businesses. They both realized one thing... They had only one savior...

ecmendoza ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings