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never fall in love with me

never fall in love with me

Sara Mo a simple average girl and soon to be graduate from college,and an intern designer in Lin international group of Corporation. One of the famous designing industry around the world ..she a forever single lady who never had a relationship n never once touched by a guy in her 21years of life.. was one day hit by a stranger named Robert JI who also happens to take her life's first kiss ...n turns her life upside down !? Robert JI .. sitting on the majestic throne at the top of the world. He's..The most feared and extremely cruel boss of the underworld aka. Lucifer..the ruthless and cold hearted CEO and heir of worlds most powerful business empire"JI groups" and the chaiman of "Ji group of Intel Corporation"..He is the most powerful man in the business world..whose business is worth trillions and zillions...His fearsome heart of ice and eyes of fire can melt and freeze you at the same time and a mouth like bomb whose one word can change the fate of the entire busniess world and His soul crushing develish beauty and breathtakingly killer charms can throb and enchant the heart of million women's in an instant.His pristine body is like a magnificent and delicate crystal which looks pleasing to eyes but is sharp in skin and it's one touch can make your hand bleed .His noble and luxurious royal presence and domineering Aura can outburst everyone and no one dare to trifled or stand in front of him .His intelligence is beyond comparison with extremely high IQ and EQ but no one actually know about him having high EQ not even himself 'untill he falls in love' also because of him being an emotionless man all the time.... But what will happen if Sara mo suddenly become the wife of the most powerful man in the world and a cold hearted CEO ?...will she be able to melt the ice in his heart !? ...will she be able to tame the devil !!...or will she ever be loved and cared by this ruthless cold-hearted man?! ... let 's unfold the story of their life together and let's stay together till the end.... Cover is not my own..all thnx to Google and it's rightful owner.... hello guys this is my original novel by ciatra(no translation).. I'm still an amateur writer and new to this field but still hope that you guys can enjoy my writing.. thank you for reading please do comment regarding any complaints with grammar and writing and drop your ratings and reviews regarding my novel to help and motivate this writer for any queries and chat you can join my discord: https://discord.gg/NYJUcG https://discord.gg/9nQWqNH explicit language is used recommend readers should not be under the age of 18..

ciatra · Fantasy
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