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The Class of 20xx

The school looks normal to the outside world humans have stepped inside before...that's what everyone thought. Meet Lisa a drop dead beautiful,smart and everyone's type of girl.When she was 11 she burnt down the house of her foster parents with just the thought of it. Now meet Chantelle Lisa's twin sister,she has all Lisa's features except from her skin colour and hair colour and their other twin?Maya! Let's go deep into this action and fun backed novel ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Vol1 "Well ,well ,well... if it isn't Lisa and her nerd follower Chantelle." "Back off Charin" "Shut it nerd" "Hey no one calls my sister nerd apart from me" "Hey" "Sorry" "Let me cut the chase and get down to the point. Chantelle is battling me here and now with her powers." "No" "why no are you scared that I will kick your sorry little butt?" "Kicking my sister's little butt?...I'm going to kill you little bitc-" "Lisa language!!" ____________________________________________ Vol 2 "Hey bitches,am back"Chantelle said as she kicked open the gym.All the students and teachers were there because the principle said they should be there because they were meeting a new exchange student. "CHANTELLE!!!"everyone screamed at once "Thats my name" Chantelle said as she waved her hand.

Queen_Of_Evil ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings