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Let Reality hit you

Don't you hate it when you go into the book that you're writing? Yeah well, for a writer like Jian. She has a love and hate relationship when she's personally experience it herself. The story still isn't set but for someone that planned the whole plot it may change. Oh and by the way she's known for killing her mc's in the end. Even when her bookworm fans know that she may kill them, they still sob and cry their ass out. Read and hear a writer's point of view when she's in the story she's writing. Read this is if you want. Go ahead and feel what she's literally feeling as someone that know the plot. Started writing this at: Nov. 24, 2020 I have no writing schedule. This is a story trial. There's a chance I won't continue this. But there's also a chance that I will.

Daen_daen ยท Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings