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Broken but Undefeated

Sometimes life gets so hard you can literally wish for it to be over and done with. Sometimes it gets to the point that even one more day is simply too much to bear the thought of and a fateful decision is made to end it all. Sometimes though God makes it so that your choice of not one more day, instead becomes a life filled with destiny. For a girl, only known by her slave number, just such a day of Divine appointed destiny is the reality that changes everything. Join with her as one more day becomes another and another after that, until one day the reality for her is that life is very much worth the living. Sometimes you go through hell, sometimes you don’t feel the rain of new regeneration, but to those who overcome and stay in the game there is a destiny waiting for you. **Content Advisory Warning** This novel contains violent acts reflective of a post-apocalyptic environment where survival is extremely hard to come by at times. This novel also involves highly sensual and erotic scenes between the primary female first person lead and a future male partner.

Aedan_Sayla · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings