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System of A Betrayed Princess

Many years after the beginning of the end, Lan Jingyi, a 23 year old scavenger, is about to die an extremely painful death. Cornered on the roof with the zombies banging on her only escape route, she has two options: 1. Stand and fight and still die. 2. Kill herself by throwing herself off the roof and hope to God that she can either die a quick and painless death or wake up in a world without these monsters. She chooses option 2. It seems that God has answered her prayers when she wakes up in a comfortable bed. As soon as she gets her bearings, a System Notification appears before her, welcoming her into a different world. A world known as ‘A Princess, Betrayed’. In a random drawing and a perfectly timed death, she was selected for the role as ‘Hou Bingqing’ a secondary main character who dies to her antagonist father, after being unable to display fire magicks. Luckily, Lan Jingyi knows ‘A Princess, Betrayed’ well, having read it so many times, her only copy’s spine became a mangled mess. But the longer she plays the role as Bingqing, her knowledge of the book fades as fantasy and reality twist around her. Can she survive her fate? Can she master her fate? Cover by the amazing @scmimi on Wattpad!

impishlyawarlock · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings