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Undying Rage

Sgt Joshua Adkins had led hundreds of men during World War 2 against thousands of japanese. He was a wholesome man prior to going to war, but a lot can change when you live on death's door for years. Now that the war is over what will he do with the rage burning inside of him for the japanese people who killed his friends without a second thought?

priceisright · War&Military
Not enough ratings

M. U. M' s the word book 1 Devout disorder

Mei Su has not had the easiest life growing up in a ministry run Liverpool orphanage. But her stay there was not free- she has obligations to fulfil and if she doesn't, then, as a 'Failed Project' she will be scrapped. Mei Su thought her adoption would offer safety - how wrong she is.

A_I_Magnus · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings