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Queen of Adis

Haru Akatsuki, a normal university student who met a tragic accident on her way home. But when she opened her eyes again, she was in a totally different world where humans, mythical creatures and demons coexist. Moreover, the handsome demon standing in front made her feel different emotions she never thought she was capable of feeling. The demon had an overbearing presence, commanding her to submit herself to him with great abandon. His scarlet eyes were slowly sucking her soul to become one with him and the sight of his lips promised multitudes of pleasurable sins that one would willingly commit. How could there be a man so devastatingly handsome, yet dangerous? How could he look so precious, yet sinful? Adis Delacroix, a powerful and ruthless demon king who was feared and revered by many. But when he turned around and saw a mysterious maiden, for the first time in his immortal life, he was smitten. When their eyes met, he involuntarily gave out a faint whimper as he felt he was turned upside down. His chest was hurting, making it difficult for him to breath. The pain was unbearable that he felt like taking out his weary heart and offer it to her for salvation. "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. Mysterious maiden, what is your name?" "H-Haru... A-Akatsuki Haru," she answered in a small voice. "Such a lovely name. So you finally came. Haru, my name is Adis... and I have been waiting for you for a very long time." A love story pre-ordained by the gods yet challenged by fate. And a solemn vow that would never change and could stand the test of time. ******************************* Thirsty for some love affair with a demon? What about for a formidable king but a doting husband? Do you wish to read a fluffy and thrilling story with a strong and smart female lead? Queen of Adis has all that and more! It's a story of a demon king who met his true love for the first time. It's a sweet and fluffy story about two beings from different worlds. Witness how the two souls fought together for their love and marriage, and how a delicate girl changed the ancient world with modern ideas she accumulated from her previous life. There is more to this novel than just its hot and controversial theme. If you like to read a story that has demons, ghosts, mythical creatures, action, adventure and a little bit of political affairs, then you will definitely get hooked by this novel. Please enjoy and don't forget to support the story by voting and buying more chapters. *Credit to the owner of the art on my cover book. I saw it on Pinterest through random web searching.*

WildFantasy · Fantasy Romance

CEO's Nanny

He was a sexy, irresistible cunning billionaire. At thirty, he is the youngest CEO to ever head the Wang enterprises, co-chairing with his young brother in Brightstar entertainment. He was a playboy billionaire until he had to raise his newborn nephew as his own His life changed from a playboy to a workaholic. Wang Lui's sick of the shallow, gold-digging socialite who only wants him for his money and the lifestyle he can provide for them. His work ethic is top, making him the best the company has seen in generations. His staff fear and admires him, women adore and worship him, and Wang's family is stable. In seeking for a nanny for his precious son. He posts an ad on his company website... Finding the perfect Nanny can be challenging when all single women in B country applied to the job. ************* She was a devil in disguise. A self-made billionaire and Faceless CEO of a large game corporation. Her sole purpose in B country to seek revenge, to become the head of Mo's family, and take everything her father and stepmother treasures the most… Money and power. And the only way to do so she has to pretend to be a nanny. ************** When he meets the lovely Mo Mina, he thinks he may have found exactly what he's been looking for, beautiful, detected, and smart Nanny for his son. But When Wang Lui finds out who she really is, will he want to stay with her, knowing that the woman he has fallen for has been lying to him. And what will happen to Mo Mina after she found out there is more to her family and her past than she thought she knows. Will their love for each other strong enough to face the challenged when the truth is finally revealed? Declaimer: Credit of the profile pictures goes to the original owner.

IBar · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings