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Twisted Secrets

" Be brave, be smart, just do what Leah says and everything will be fine. I got this. " With that said, I walk out of the girls restroom with swag in my steps. The beat for "Not today" by BTS automatically playing in my head. I flip my hair left and right. You've got this girl! I have most definitely got this! The beat was coming stronger. I turned to the right and saw Luke and his goons coming towards my direction. I got this. Luke Matthew? You sure are in for a surprise. I got this. My heart beat suddenly picked up pace. I...I got this. I got... I run back into the restroom taking deep breathes. I so do not got this. Leah and her stupid plan is so going to get me killed. I'm sorry if I'm acting like a coward but like I once told Luke, I still have a lot to live for! So sorry Lee . This plan's a no no. She's hiding from her past. She refuses to trust. She finally takes a chance to do new things. But the one person who decides to help her is her nemesis and bully Luke Matthew. He feels it's all revenge. But suddenly has this need to protect her. Doesn't know when it started. But later realizes it doesn't really matter. What happens when Linda's past comes looking for her? What happens when she realizes what she knows about her past isn't all there is? And what happens when she gets her self tangled up in secrets so twisted they might get her killed?

Myst3ryqueentory ยท Teen