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An Unexpected Mother

An Unexpected Mother

She is Epsha. Epsha An the second miss of An family. She is the loving sister of her nine brother's. Six elder brother's and one young brother her biological brothers. Expect them she has two step brother and a sister also. Her step brother from her father decreased wife and one child from one of his past flings. She is the owner of the ES Group of Industries. One of the rising company among other companies. The company which is where it was made by herself from the scratch . She is a strong willed and independent woman. Who knows what she wants. On a faithful day, She wakes up in a unfamiliar room. After looking it carefully she gets to know it one of the presidential suite of a hotel under her company. How she come her. when Epsha tried to sit she felt pain in her waist and stand up she fell pain all over the body and mostly at her lady part. After that she got up dressed herself and go away from there. After two months she got to know that she is pregnant. But she doesn't know who is the father of her child. She tried to find but couldn't find. Five years later, ' Lady are you looking for something or someone.' ' Yes. ' " What it is and how can we help you? " ' This...... ' From behind her come a deep voice come, " Women are you looking for them ? " " Yes. Oh! God my loving babies where did you guys go by leaving me? " The book written by me and not a Translation so the rights what to do with it is mine. So do not paralyze this . It's a polite request and reminder. Or I would have to take drastic measures and action against you for paralizing .

SurmitaSahaSrabuni · Contemporary Romance