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Bound To Him

COMPLETED Tristan Ambrosio is a 32-year-old eligible bachelor. He is the CEO of the famous Ambrosio group. He was always described to be as cold as ice, but he was also sly as a fox. Love has never crossed his mind. His childhood experiences marred his desire to get married. To compensate for the loneliness, he spends all his time and energy in building his empire. He belongs to one of the four powerful aristocratic families in the country. He has too much on his plate. He may seem uninterested, but when something sparks his interest, he will make everything possible to make it happen. Ava Wesley is a 20-year-old pampered princess of the Wesley family. She is the epitome of beauty and innocence. Sheltered by her parents and she is struggling to find her way in the world when she attends college. They met once, and it sparked Tristan's interest. She, on the other hand, was intimidated and intrigued. Nothing will keep them apart. She was bound to him, whether she knew it or not. Sara Wesley is Ava’s older sister. She is one of the top international models. She was in demand everywhere she went. Because of her family’s influence and rising fame, everything was handed to her on a silver platter. It took one scandal to throw her from her high horse and turn her from riches to rags. Her reputation was ruined. When she thought all was lost, she met Blake Anderson. He offers her a deal she could not refuse. She had no other options, so she took the deal. He saves her, but what will it cost her? What was his motivation behind it? Blake Anderson is one of the guys in Tristan’s inner circle. He controls the entertainment industry. He has seen every type of actress and model in the industry but never has he met anybody like Sara. She was feisty and opinionated, but she was obedient and loyal at the same time. She never bows down to anyone. He takes advantage of the scandal to tame her. He wanted to make her dance to his tune. They both thought they were getting the best end of the deal. They never expected to find something beautiful. Something they never knew they wanted. Aristocratic Series : Book 1- Bound To Him [completed] Book 2- Bride Of Hades [on going] Book 3- Bewitched His Soul[ coming soon] Each book can be read as stand alone . Note - Follow me on Instagram @ starysky96 Amazing Editor - Ollie C Customized cover by Weilan .

StarySky96 · Contemporary Romance

The destined encounter

Liam is an Omega born in a household of Alphas. Because of his family's reputation he was forced to be kept from the eyes of the other people, living a life of none existent. But his life is a bout to change when his path cross to the man who he has not met even once in his life time. Will this encounter bring the love and happiness he ever wanted? or will it only add to his suffering?

Encantadia · LGBT+

Every inch of yours is mine alone (Mpreg)

This story is about world filled with two humankind which is male human and unetei (new species). Uneteis look just like males but their body is special which can give birth. Joseph is an extremely beautiful yet bright unetei. One fateful day when Noah and Joseph reached five their parents announced about their engagement which will took place when they reach sixteen. Noah’s mother told him “Noah, he is Joseph. He is your unetei. You will marry him when he is sixteen and you two will have offsprings” As a kid Noah grow up thinking Joseph is his alone. Such possessive character ... ... On the other hand Joseph felt ominous from the moment he heard about their engagement. Joseph hated Noah’s unreasonable obsession towards him which overwhelmed him all the time. He wanted to flee from him. When he reached his limit he went abroad asking his parents to break off the engagement. He managed to flee that time but...will Noah actually do nothing but let his precious unetei flee. Breaking their engagement can’t stop him from going after that beautiful boy... But after all future was unpredictable...

Gemi_1230 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

Runaway wife :Divorce now Husband

In a very luxurious room a man is desperately finding something or ......someone . suddenly he finds a paper gosh!!!!! a divorce paper . "LU ANAAAAAAA... how dare you leave me .I don't allow you to leave me. I will find you kitten .... i will",screamed a devilishly handsome man . At the same time in Hawaii:- Achoo ...;) a beautiful girl with long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and model like figure sneezed and sqeezed her cute pointed nose. "Looks like my dear husband oops ex-husband found the divorce paper and is cursing me . Hahaha..."suddenly a cold glint passed her eyes a scene from her past life where she loved this very husband and he loved somebody else .This time the game began from the very beginning and she was not going to loose herself in this shitty love of hers again . ----------------------'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx----------------------- This is my first novel and this a very soft core story not such hard dramas and 1000 chapters . This is a mix of rebirth and contemporary romance .

anshu2302 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

You were always mine...!

He looked at her with the eyes having so deep meaning to it that she shuddered. She couldn’t help but find those eyes so familiar as if she had them etched in her soul. “Excuse me”... she found her voice finally and said .. “Can you tell me where is the administrative office” she asked in English. His hazel greenish eyes still looking calmly at her as if he froze in time. His secretary was suprised to see his boss in such a dazed state. For the very first time it seemed like there was a women who could make go numb like this. He studied her. She was not native. Black long hair, big dewy eyes, tall, slim and fair. She was wearing a simple white T shirt and a blue jeans yet her appearance was something that could make people turn to look at her again. She was like a breath of fresh air, simple yet alluring amongst these Chinese dolls. Ahemm.... he replied seeing that his boss was still not replying. “It’s straight and then you have to take left , fourth door”. “Thank you”. She looked at the secretary breaking the intense eye contact.. and walked ahead without looking back. He was gorgeous. I have never seen such a handsome man before. But his eyes. They have the power to draw people in. She could still feel the eyes that were on her as she walked .. she had the urge to look back but didn’t. “Find everything about her.” Mo Yixi finally broke the silence and stated one line and started walking at different direction. Author—Join me on this romantic journey with a tinge of little mystery. Male lead is cold and aloof yet doting for his girl. Whereas Female lead is someone who is sensible, smart and simple. No misunderstanding between couples only love and trust. No rape and violence. Book cover - form Pinterest.

Rashmishrishti · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Princess and The Four Knights

Elena Heath was a dreamy girl of Davian Helsinki. She was just what he needs for. Davian could give anything that he had to her. But, there were too many rumors about her. Someone said that she was a gangster's daughter. Some other said that she has a relationship with a sugar daddy or she has too many boyfriends. But none of this rumors made Davian's guts stop to have her. Whatever it was, Davian's only purpose just to indulging and pampering Elena. But then, one of the rumours was the truth of Elena Heath. So, what should Davian do? Davian: "I don't care! I will just come in between them and make her mine! She can only be with me." This is a cute and fluffy story between teenagers in high school. The story is not complicated but still will take your heart to love Davian and Elena. See what kind of act Davian will do to have Elena. It will make your heart full of envy and jealousy.

amarieheath · Teen
Not enough ratings