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A Song For Darkness: When A Singer Transverse In A Novel

Shen Maoi was quite helpless when she found herself transverse in a strange place with a mission i.e 'SPREADING THE MODERN MUSIC' which was quite absurb so as to say. As absurb as it may sound Shen Maoi has no other choice but to comply so that she can unlock the prop which can help her in protecting herself from this strange world where fantasy magic was shrouded. As much as Shen Maoi tried not to interwine herself with the novel protagonist the word 'Man decides but God discard' really fit her entanglement with the male protagonist. Farfalla box: 'And then I hear her song, her song meant for darkness, meant for me. I have lost myself in her, falling as deep as an abyss, I thought there's no way for me to fall any deeper but than I realize I was completely wrong, I found out I can still fall deeper into her and than I did exactly that. She pave her way through the darkness that was me, singing her way to my heart and soul and capture me firmly. I don't want to break free of her shakle, I want it to hold me tighter and I will let her do that, I won't give her a chance to loose her hold on me for I will destroy the World. she must hold me on.. never letting go for infinity' ....................... ............ Please don't copy or post my work at other website or App!! If you want please kindly request and wait for an approval of affirmation

Yuyu03 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings