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"You are the bane to my happiness. You messed up all of it. You don't deserve to be loved at all. Go away, I don't want to see you." said the girl as she turned and walked away. Rudra was shattered by her words. He stood there under the rain with a smile on his face. The smile was anything but joyous. ... Today, Rudra is a successful businessman. He has all the things in the world that one could want yet his heart is never at rest. He had been in love, and out of it. But never did he forget the person who blamed him for the things he never did and left him with a curse. Every time it rains, he wishes to be able to see her once more yet when she suddenly came in front of him. He walked away as if she doesn't exist. Will Rudra ever be able to understand the meaning of LOVE or will he always stay lonely under the RAIN? Discord: THE WORDSMITH#2521

THE_WORDSMITH · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Longing For Love In This Cruel World

Clyde was a pathetically lonely guy. After being betrayed by his best friend and having his girlfriend stolen by him, he considers suicide. Then, by a stroke of fate, luck finds it's way to him. He becomes a billionaire because of a random act of kindness from a few years ago.. Now is his time. Now is his legend! P/S: Found picture on Google by looking up lonely anime guy, I don't own it. If you own it, please message me in my comments if you want it taken down. Thanks.

Blue_Rose_Prince · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings