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Unpredictable High school Kiss

Unpredictable High school Kiss

From time to time stuff may happen. Some are worse than others but they still could change your life for the good or for the bad. Lee Si-young is a very joyful and full of life bubbly girl. She lives alone with her father. Her mother passed away at a young age. Even though she didn't have a mother figure in the house she still became a kind-hearted girl, however, her personality might be too shameless for some people. A perfect example of a person like that is... Kim Hyun-Joong. The cold-hearted Kim Hyun-Joong has been always the most popular boy in the school. He's looked upon as perfect in every way. His hair is flaky, his eyes like deer and his body's well built. He's probably used to having girls scream and call his name but those girls never had the courage to confess. One day a stupidly brave girl builds up the courage and confesses her feelings... but then a new side of Hyun-Joong showed up. The side he was known for but never showed. Will things get better as time passes? or will everything only get up the hill even further? *INSPIRED BY JAPANESE DRAMA - Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo* Alisha Cornwall

Alisha_Cornwall · Teen
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