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Doom To Destiny

This is my entry for the WSA 2021. This is going to be only 21 chapters long (not including the prologue) and each chapter is going to give you enough. So I would appreciate it if you would stick around for my weekly updates and not let it get buried under the daily updated novels. Thank you! Actual Synopsis: After a planet crashes into the sun and destroys the solar system, the seven species in it, including humans, find a way to teleport into another solar system, though only one planet seems to be habitable. So the last of each of the species is to learn how to share with one another. Amidst everyone trying to figure out how to stay alive without creating much trouble, a Serathian envoy, living with humans as a part of an exchange program, goes missing. Tensions escalate as the Paragons of humanity try to find the one responsible, while unknowingly offending the most dangerous species of them all. Will humanity waste its last chance and perish, or will they find a way out again?

A_SHAH ยท Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings