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Poisonous Lips

The company we keep can either contribute to our success or destroy us at the very end, so they say. This was the case of Shade whose friend, Cynthia became a wolf in sheep clothing. For the love Shade had and Cynthia could not get, Cynthia did everything and anything she could to make sure everything ends bitterly for Shade. Day after day as she continued to dwell in her evil mindset she found confidence among the children of the night and from there, her true colour revealed. Be warned that this story contains strong words, immoralities and not decent for children. 18+ _______________________________________________________ If you enjoy my story and you want to connect with me. You can have a chat with me on: Discord: @sam-crowned00#2457 Instagram: @sam_crowned1 Facebook: @samcrowned Twitter: @sam_crowned WhatsApp +2348130608774 Do not forget to always Vote, Comment, Review and send gift.

Samcrowned00 ยท Contemporary Romance