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Ju xi a business women known for her weird affectation , but not everyone can see her when ever they pleased , year 2020 ,miss Ju xi got the no 1 business women of Asia as the host called her name a slim yet elegant ,beautiful girl walked to the stage as the people gawking at her beauty But one men on the corner didn't pay any interest to the surroundings being immersed in his phone. Song shen as he herd his full name the man looked up to see his aunt while song yi smiling at him . Aunt why u asked me to come here u know that I am not interested in this! song yi asked , what? shen : don't u know he asked coldly why not of course she knew, she bought her nephew for matchmaking. suddenly she looked on the stage hearing a roar of applause she saw beautiful women no no beautiful girl on the stage wearing a galaxy themed golden dress with big innocent yet beautiful eyes with magnetic smile as she exclaimed she's just perfect. Hearing his aunt's words without looking up at the stage he said no women in this world can possibly make me love her . Yes ,said his aunt taking him by surprise she's not a women but a girl . shen rolled his eyes on yi and said since your not interested in talking business ,I am leaving . As he walk away he've never thought in his wildest dreams that one day he would actually cry for a girl in future, much less for the same girl whom he ignored now. ....................................... // Hey my dear readers , this is my first novel hope you guys would support me and if you find any mistakes in chapters iam very sorry about that and feel free to point it out and i hope to see your valuable comments on every chaper. what happens when the paths of two different people with similar hatered towards their opposite gender crosses Will love bloom or life wither , Let's wait and watch if the red string make them come closer or would it disappear in hatered , travel along with me to know more about this roller coaster ride chenguang_jinjing is the Instagram ID I'll be posting new book covers , spoiler alert and other information about the book, THANK YOU :) //.

Chenguang_Jinjing · Contemporary Romance

The Man With All Of The Worlds Poisons

Aeron Velric, a prodigy when it comes to science or more specifically poisons, he is responsible for cataloging and discovering many new poisons and understanding there effects but when a lab accident leads to him being infected with a new unknown poison, instead of dying, he suffers a much worser fate.

TheLonelyNephilem · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings