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I am the lord

From a head of a declining family to a head of a powerful family. He who will bring glory with him and shall build armies who shall embark in uniting all the continents.

fox0006000 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

New world, New beginnings. Reincarnated as a Huntress.

A woman stood before God, her face wet with tears. She didn't want to die so hopelessly the way she did. She wanted to make a difference in the world. “Please God, send me back.” She fell to her knees with a slight thud, her hands covering her face as she sobbed. “I can do better this time. Please.” She pleaded while God stood before her with a soft look on his face. He bent down on his knees and softly touched her head. “Hush my child. There is no need to cry. If going back is what you truly want then I can send you back.” The woman looked up at God with puffy eyes. “I want to go back.” [I do not own the cover picture. All credit goes to the creator!]

Blinded_Writer · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

A Winter's Journey

The world was in shambles. Every continent, every country, and every kingdom were against each other. It was slowly brewing into a war-filled world. Mystical beings and humans fought against each other. The mystical beings were trying to bring back the land that they once possessed, while the humans fought for their new home. It was chaos. Lis had lost everything that a person could have. He'd ran away, escaping from the place that he once deemed as home. But before he knew it, he fell into the property of a famous 'witch'. And from then on, he had to bear the burden brought to him by the chaotic world, and the contract that he had made. "Like the winter that seemed to never end, death is cold, and unrelenting."

Marquesse · Fantasy
Not enough ratings