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The Planetary God(DROPPED)

What happens when a nature enthusiast, who died from a wild animal, finds himself being reincarnated as a planet, with a system? My name is Zoka and this will be my story of how I became the ruler of the multiverse…

Unholy_Student · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I Became a God?

Reincarnated as a God? A random good-for-nothing college student suffocated on a chicken nugget while partying with his friends — when he wakes up again he finds himself being offered a deal he can't refuse. "Wait, how many did just get annihilated?" "Come on, go over to the water hole I just made for you. How do they even manage to survive like that?!" "I bet they like the moon better with a funny face on it, yeah I will leave it like that" "How much is a fully functional civilization again?" "What? I'm still at the bottom of the hierarchy?!" No, no! This story has just begun and there is no telling where it may lead towards. A dead end is just another starting point for a different kind of adventure! If you are the artist of the cover picture and want me to take it down, kindly contact me and let me know!

Passwortknacker · Fantasy