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Chris_rogers · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Voyage With The Pirate King

Ji Yao, the future Pirate King rescued a pitiful boy from the goodness of his heart only to find out that pitiable looking lad was far from the word pitiful. Calling him a wolf pup in sheep's clothing wouldn't be an exaggeration. Like they say watch what you pick up and bring home with you. As they journeyed across the continent slaying creatures and half breeds that stood in their way all the wolf pup could think of was: 'My husband is cute,' Or 'When can we will nightfall come so we can cuddle,' Or 'Husband smells so good. I want to bite him.' Ji Yao who had woken up with a bite mark, "......" Let's Voyage together and witness a relationship designed by fate blossom into a power couple born from powerful Nocru clans. ----‐----------------------------------------------- 200 golden tickets or 1000 power stones = 2 extra chapters per week. With a lot more support I will be motivated to write. Thank you so much.

Andru_9788 · LGBT+

The Prince and The Pirate

Ilona Black is the oldest daughter of the Pirate King. All her life, she's wanted to be a great pirate captain, just like her father. When she's finally given the chance, however, things go terribly wrong- Ilona's younger siblings have been captured and now it's up to her to get them back. All hope seems lost until she happens to meet the wickedly handsome Prince Mason who is having his own bad luck. He has been promised to marry a princess who he is quite certain is evil. He has no way to escape the marriage but once he meets the beautiful pirate Captain he comes up with a plan that will help them both. He will marry the daughter of the cruel king who took Ilona's siblings. They sail away and the plan seems perfect. Mason will escape the evil princess and Ilona will get her siblings back. But what happens when they start to fall for each other and put their whole plan in jeopardy? And what if their ship never reaches its destination at all?

Erin_McLain_4927 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

My Pirate System

To hunt down the Gods and snatch their powers, I embarked on a journey to loot the world. Allies? Foes? I need none. All I want is revenge, revenge for the death of my parents. *Ding* [ New Mission – Become A Pirate ] [ -> Gain 2 Allies ] [ -> Find a ship to sail ] I couldn’t be any happier after receiving the first mission. But making allies? Ha… I will make allies for sure, but they won’t have my trust. They will only be my pawns! [Warning: A bit slow paced, mc only gets system in chap 21. Aggressive progress after that. ]

1st_Manga_KING · Fantasy

Sleeping Next to the Pirate King

After 18-year-old Mila’s cruise sinks she wakes up naked next to a handsome man! But wait the man she woke up next to calls her wife? And he’s known as the vicious pirate who destroys ships and steals their loot? As Mila grows accustomed to living as this man’s wife she finds out that there is a billion dollar reward for his head. As well as a map for navigating through the Bermuda Triangle. Mila’s purpose thus changes as she finds ways to turn him in. Will Mila survive in this new world by handing over the handsome pirate or be taken captive by his love? BOOK 2 COMING IN 6/15/21

SelaraChan · Fantasy Romance

Pirate Queen

{Important} {Stop reading at chapter Ninety} Even after it all they will be together. Even after their differences they are together. Even if they didn't know the truth about themselves at first.... His death is her death and her death is his death. She controls the universe he controls the underworld She controls the heavens he controls hell She is wanted by evil ones he protects her from them despite being the most dangerous of them all The wrong pair as people may think but it's the right pair anyone could wish for ********* You won't only meet their love story but that of the few around them Kira and Melchoir Wanda and Xander Uma and Ralph and many more

Limah_Lisah · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Pirate Chronicles

Arranged marriage? No way.... Controlled by nobility? Certainly not... I will not yield... no one can stop me. I will create my own adventures and no one will dictate the way I live! ***** Meet Lady Editha Allysse Carmen of the house of Pardue, a noblewoman arranged to wed Prince Eric of Beckforth. She refused and ran away. On her voyage to freedom, she was taken by the roguishly handsome Jacob, a pirate and captain of Labyrinth... He calls her Darling... Thus begins her adventure... join her as she chronicle her voyage and got to know the pirates’ secrets and the corruption she never knew existed. ***** Cover by: Emil Valeza and Paul Japon Paloma

Izavelle_Brielle · Fantasy Romance

The Admiral’s Daughter and the Pirate King

***Book 1 Completed*** It is not always the prince who sweeps a maiden off her feet. Sometimes the person who is thought to be a villain is actually the true hero of the story. Hence, only a keen eye can see beyond the rough edges. “DANGER!” That's one of the things that can be associated with him. However, how can one revered as dangerous be at the same time the one that can make her heart beat down her throat and caused her breath to hitch? How might she avoid him when each time he gravitates toward her, she finds herself unfit to move? Entrapped. Dazed. Bathe with palpable tension no one could rupture. Was it just fear? Or on the other hand, was it something entirely different? A blossoming passion, perhaps? A forbidden love that would send both their worlds reeling upside down. Many have tried to escape the claws of fate, yet close to none have succeeded. Vereena Braxton, daughter of an Admiral from House MacGhille. An epitome of flawlessness she had to uphold and a scandal to avoid. Everything is perfect as her destiny had already been planned out as she ought to marry the crowned prince. That is, until one night, pirates came along their harbor and caused mayhem across their city. Where she finds herself in the clutches and at the mercy of a vicious pirate, stowed her away from the life she once knew. But with the time they spent, Vereena has come to ask herself. Has he really taken her as a captive, or has he set her free from the rigid society she lived in? WSA Theme: Historical

Luna_Primrose · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings