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Blandon High: The Devil's Heir [Filipino-English Story]

Blandon High: The Devil's Heir [Filipino-English Story]

Highest Rank Achieved in Wattpad: #2 in Mystery/Thriller ConquerAwards2018 1st Runner Up in Mystery/Thriller Category in Wattpad Previously known as "Blandon High: The Angelic Faces". Blandon High isn't just an ordinary school. It may look ordinary because you can see students with a smile on their faces everywhere. But, I'm warning you, it's DEADLY. Blandon High has an isolated campus. An isolated campus that if you're a weakling, you'll have no chance of surviving. If you want to survive, don't fall for their SMILES. Because everybody has a SECRET and everybody is a MONSTER. If you want to stay alive, set aside your FEELINGS and don't let it INTERRUPT you. Are you ready to conquer your fears and face the devils? "Prove to them that you're worthy of your name." - Raven Welcome to BLANDON HIGH! ********** This story doesn't refer to any actual events, places or any other person having the same name with the characters. Everything is only based on my own imagination. If there will be similiraties of names in other stories, it is purely a coincidence. ********** Status: On-going, UNEDITED Language: TagLish Date Published: October 20, 2019 (Webnovel) Date Completed: **********

Pinkie_Glimmer ยท Horror&Thriller
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