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Fatal Attraction

Elinor Fiennes is a prodigious army doctor that has a bright future ahead of her - until she dies in an explosion with her squadron. Not all of her comes back from the dead. To her horror, she wakes up as an “empath zombie,” a malicious being that absorbs the emotions of those around them to leave a soulless husk. She retreats from society to protect others from herself, choosing to become a forensic pathologist and spend all of her time with the dead. But her ascetic life is broken by the arrival of the arrogant Detective Thomas Richter, who seeks her aid on some hauntingly familiar serial murders - and will not leave her alone. Elinor must resist her fatal attraction to him...if she can. -- "If you know what's good for you, you'll leave me alone," Elinor warns. She turns away to hide from Thom's intense eyes, but before she can escape, he surges forward and wraps both arms around her waist, his chin cradled in the crook of her shoulder. Their reflection in the mirror is unbelievably intimate. His breath tickles her ear. Her heart trembles. "I've always been attracted to that which could kill me," he purrs, warm and dark. "And you, dearest, would be the sweetest death of all."

foolish_fenric · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Friends Aside

Follows two girls, completely opposite from each other, that find themselves in a family secret. The girls want answers to their questions but it seems one girl's parents wants to keep it hidden. Will they find the answers their looking for or find something completely different? Two girls; one mystery!

Yen_Bin · LGBT+
Not enough ratings