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United Family of Whitmore.

Story of a woman who runs a multi-billion dollar company. At the tender age of 10 she took up the difficult task of raising 8 younger siblings and 9 cousins and ran the family business with the help of her sick grandmother and a manic depressed great aunt. Now the kids have grown up and gone on to do their own thing. Her estranged grandfather a powerful politician suddenly arrives to control her life. The Whitmore siblings must unit to defend her from him and others who seek to exploit her. She will overcome her insecurities to understand how deeply she is appreciated.

Ghaadha · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

You were always mine

Amy is returning home after finishing culinary school. She hoped that she would spend her days helping her uncle with his bakery. She has changed since the days of high school. She has gone from fat to Wow. She now has five men chasing her each with their own history with her.

Ghaadha · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings