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On His Mark

All Zoey Penelope Anderson wants as a college freshmen is to move on to sophomore year, date soccer god Mattheus Estevez once more, and free herself from the clutches of her twin brother Zach. Simple as those sounded, they just aren't easy to grab. Or at least not without the help of Geovanne Estevez, Mattheus' twin brother and her detention buddy, who vows to do everything for her. But how do you choose between brothers whose love for you seem to know no bounds? And is Zoey's choice really enough, now that she faces a cheerleader-enemy and her fears to save the people she cared for and loved from the demons of their past? ***** Heat level 1 and then raised to 3 from Chapter 80 onwards. Please take caution. Cover photo is copyrighted to K.Laurea.

K_Laurea ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings