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My Wife is an E-Ghost!

My Wife is an E-Ghost!

Being a poor part-timer, Tynan could only afford a rip-off version of the i-phone called the G-phone. Never in his wildest dreams would he think of getting married to his phone - to be more precise, the thing living in his phone. She claims to be the E-Ghost residing in the G-phone who surpasses AI like Cortana simply because she possesses intellect of her own. Meet Laura, the ghost that lives in a cell phone. Part spirit and part technology, she makes the perfect life companion Tynan could ever ask for. Their problem? The G-phone is on a one year warranty. While they are busy overcoming their dimensional love barrier, G-phone calls. They want to take the phone back. Can Tynan and Laura 'live' happily ever after? *** Support me and my works on: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/destinyaitsuji Kofi: Ko-fi.com/destinyaitsuji Join and stalk me on: Discord: https://discord.gg/UrtDMXn Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @DestinyAitsuji

Destiny_Aitsuji · Contemporary Romance