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The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

In this world no one is the same. Everyone has something different living under there skin. Even magical creatures of old. In this world no one is truly free. Because if you are born with a special creature under your skin. You will forever be hunted. Until you are dragged to The Gauntlet or sold at the Black Auction to the highest bidder. In this world there is only one way to win your freedom. It's simple. Ring the bell at the end of The Gauntlet. But there's a catch. You have to ring it before a volunteer catches up to you and takes you as there mate. In this world nothing is free. Either you're sold as breeder to greedy men, or find a mate who is as desperate as you to have the slightest the chance at freedom. In this world everything must be earned. Including your life. To be able to live for another day. So remember. In this world. No one is the same. No one is truly free. There is only one way to win your freedom. Nothing is free. But most importantly never let anyone see what makes you special, and trust no one.

everburningace · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings