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Divine Enchantress: Night Emperor's Beloved Consort

Xi Ying Yue, a genius military scientist of the 21st century died in a plane crash and her soul transmigrated into the body of a sickly Jiang Ying Yue, a worthless 3rd young miss of the Left Prime-Minister's house. In a world where Qi Cultivation is practiced, the strong is respected and the weak is scorned, due to the original Jiang Ying Yue's sickly constitution, she was murdered. Now that this miss is here, I'll show them what it means to be powerful. Godly Space? She has it! Taming beast is hard? This miss only needs to show myself and they will submit to me! Alchemy and potion? This miss has a great master for it! But.. who is this person smiling crookedly here? Excuse me Mr, you are you?! A certain shameless evildoer: Beloved wife, the weather is nice, the night has fallen and the bed is calling for us and husband is hungry. How about you let me eat? Jiang Ying Yue: If you wanna eat then go and eat. Why are you suddenly mentioning about the night and the weather? And why are your hands wondering everywhere? Whaaaaaaattt! Evildoer: I'm hungry for you. And thus a certain lamb was eaten for the whole night by a certain evildoer. P/s: Parental Guidance for readers under 17 is advised as the novel contains bloody scenes and smut smut moments. The cover is not mine and was taken from google. Credit to the creator :)

Obscuraa_Luna · Fantasy Romance

Attention (impressionistic erotic story)

Attention. But for me now did me - my very own control was finally taken - over - was finally... completely taking all power over her body.

Tired_love_machine · LGBT+
Not enough ratings