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Demon Butler | √

**Mature content: violence/sex/language** The death of Amelia's abusive husband, Sparda, finally allows her to live peacefully and take back what she lost - her freedom and children. Sparda never wanted kids and decided to throw their sons, Ayato and Spartacus in the dungeon for years. What Amelia didn't know is that he wanted to taint their souls. Years have passed on and soon their lives changed to a living nightmare when signs of his existence still roam the earth. If her husband has been burning in hell all this time, then why is the face of a dead man still haunting her life after all these years? Witnessing sudden death overtime. Even nightmares become realistic and join reality to take a loved one's future. So many unforgivable memories led to being a sociopath and amplified to become the devil's descendant. A young girl sells her soul to a demon in order to avenge her family's death and successfully find the truth of it all. The demon takes the form of a loyal butler who only appears when his mistress really needs him, but he holds a secret from her. What could it be? They have a story to tell and mysteries to solve. Would everything be brought to the light? Will they ever overcome their agonizing past and live happily, or will the enemy have the final say?

yafavjodoll · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings