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Dresly Pastera: Be Who You Are

This book is about my life. In this book, it tackles about facing different stages of life. It's not mostly about my life but anyone can relate to what I wrote in the book. It's about who you are, saying what you feel, and being real and honest.

Des_Ly · Teen
Not enough ratings

My tale with improvement as a goal

This is the record of a scum. Someone not even worthy to be called a man, a bug, someone with death as his only escape from his pain that people call "life". A real subjective tale of a boy who procrastinate too much. Being introvert and having tons of bad habits. But he finds his answer to life: Love! And to achieve his dream he needs to be a better man. That's my story towards improvement. Every week discover my new resolutions. New challenges, my wins, defeats, goals to change from the lowest of low to the best of all. Hoping it will motivate you and PROVING that you can always escape from your situation, turn it around and fight for a better future. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE (may contain some long parts with philosophy) (also this is my personal view on my life. Everything I will say in this book will be subjective)

Rhenox · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings