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Paper Bag

Leaving their high school life behind, Josephine, Yasmin, and Yusuf moves forward to a chapter of their life, college. With their never-ending love for theatre, they decided to go for performing arts. Josephine, who has a tendency of cutting people off for petty reasons, did the actual same thing to Harper, Yasmin's brother and her then-best friend. Yasmin, someone who's always smiling, actually had a difficult past which she wishes to forget but at the same time, she doesn't. Yusuf is being overwhelmed by emotions and information each day that he doesn't know what to do with himself anymore, if not for Josephine and Yasmin guiding him. How will Josephine handle her college life if she realised that she'll be with him until she graduates? What will Yasmin do face her troubling past, especially when that problem arises again? When will Yusuf finally overcome these emotions and find a balance in his life? This life is messy, it won't be easy. Relationships, career, and their own life might be in danger with the path they're going to take. Will they take another step and enter in the dark world of reality or will they step back and stay in the comfort of a young person?

dazedminnie ยท Teen
Not enough ratings