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I Am Not Into Love

I Am Not Into Love

A strangely unfamiliar novel about a girl who is inclined of achieving her goals in life. A very determined and optimistic girl who wants to strive harder to her studies. Ever since she was a child, she dreamed of a fairytales, destiny, prince charming and love. But because of academic failure, peer pressure and competencies, she realized that what she believed in since she was a child doesn't really exist--only break-ups, failures and heartache does. She was afraid to disappoint everyone around her--even herself. She was frightened that once she enter romantic relationships, she would neglect her studies. She hates anything related to love. For her, love is just a hindrance for self-actualization. But something unexplainable happened. She felt butterflies in her belly upon seeing one man for the first time. Could it be love? But how about her studies and goals, would she neglect it? Would she let her heart beats for someone? or Will she disregard that 'feelings' that can hinder and disturb for striving her dreams?

Glamouranj · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings