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Last Reincarnation: Memories of the Past

A youth with a mysterious past finds himself in a world where the strong prey for the weak. He was underestimated by his 'obvious' weakness which leads to him always disdained by others. The youth didn't know why but he seems to have forgotten an important event in his life. There is also this mysterious knowledge in his head that he didn't know where it came from. With this knowledge in his possession, and his so-called 'trash' talent, how far can he reach in the path of cultivation? Will, he achieved his goal of becoming the strongest Astral Cultivator? *** "Underestimate me so I can embarrass you." *** Chapter Release: Random~

LazyTiany · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Samsara Sovereign

A guy with the ability to remember and retain his abilities from his past lives wanted to live a normal life. But things did not end up his way and thus, decided to just go with the flow. Not caring whether it would lead to a peaceful life or not. 抱歉掉了抱歉掉了抱歉掉了抱歉掉了抱歉掉了 Warning: Overpowered Character which will make the story bland, but I will try to make it interesting as possible as I can. First creation and will have a lot of mistakes. English, not my first language so be warned.

OverpoweredMax · Fantasy
Not enough ratings